Review for Iced JavaSok

Buy This! This product is GREAT! I use an insulated 24 oz. cup for my iced beverages and had a DD insulating sleeve that was given to me. It kept getting moldy from the moisture off the cup and dripped water when just a little wet. I went on line to find replacements, and DD’s were EXPENSIVE! When I stumbled onto Java Sok, I couldn’t believe the price. The construction looked good, and the free shipping if you purchase over a certain amount couldn’t be beat. As I live in Florida, and it gets pretty hot and humid here, keeping an iced beverage from dripping all over the place is a challenge. These “soks” seem to do the job quite nicely. I use mine all day long, so I do notice the more the cup sweats the wetter it does get and has a tendency to leave some water marks, but again, I’ve used it all day. So I bought 6 when I purchased (because the price was SO good) and I just change them out during the day. They are FAR superior to the thin, wet DD insulating sleeve I was using, and Java Sok’s construction of their product is way superior. How can you NOT buy this product if you are in the market for a GREAT product at a GREAT price. Drink up my friends!

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