Review for Iced JavaSok

Only one thing is missing! These sleeves are designed to fit, for example, Dunkin’ Donuts cups, and they do — I find them a little narrow at the bottom, so it’s difficult to get the iced coffee cup securely settled in that area…that can make it just a little wobbly. I guess I can deal with that BUT: the original DD sleeves had an additional feature at the top of the sleeve that made it absolutely perfect: there was a component that could be pulled upwards to hold the lid of the DD cup. While the DD cups/lids are very well designed and it’s difficult to get the lid to snap off, but I always felt that extra element of security knowing that if the cup tipped over the lid would stay secured, thereby avoiding a BIG problem.

I just recently received my sleeves so they are pretty clean for now. I hope I will be able to put them into the washing machine when they get dirty so they always look good. The quality seems to be very good so they should be durable and last for a good time.

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