Review for Iced JavaSok

Best Insulator for Starbucks Venti – I have been drinking the same drink for over ten years. I get Tall a drip and a Venti ice from Starbucks about twice a day. About a year ago I started using can coozies to keep the plastic Venti cup colder so my ice would not melt as fast. The can coozie only goes half way up the Venti cup but it worked so well I got several so I could replace them when they got dirty. Then I stumbled upon Java Sok which makes neoprene insulators that are not only higher quality but go all the way up the cup. I ordered one, lost it somewhere and ordered five more. They work very well and so now I have a system. I don’t use thermoses because I would have to wash them and they get stinky but I want ice to last all day, so I use Java Soks and Starbucks gives me a free Venti cup with ice in it so it is like having a removable liner for a quality thermos.

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