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Java Sok FAQ's

I’m not sure what size to order, what do I do? No worries, we are here to help! First check our sizing chart to see if your brand of cup is listed. If it’s not there, the quickest solution would be to contact us.

Will it fit over a 32 oz nalgene cup? Our 32oz Large is tapered at the bottom, so while you may be able to maneuver it on, there is no guarantee it will sit flat, though some of our customers have had their Java Sok fit just fine on their 32oz nalgene cup so it may be worth trying out. We have an easy 90-day return policy so don’t sweat it!

Is the bottom covered? Yes, in order to keep the iced drink as fully insulated as possible and to get rid of those water rings on tables and desks.

Would the large size fit on a 32oz acrylic “travel” cup as opposed to only a “to-go” cup? Yes, as long as there are no handles, it should fit!

Does cup still fit in car cup holder with sleeve on? For the most part, yes, but it ultimately depends on the make and model of the car. If you find it doesn’t fit we have an easy 90-day return policy.

Will this fit the 32oz Nutribullet Colossal Cup? The Nutribullet cup is not tapered toward the bottom so it’s unlikely that it will be a great fit.

Will the large JavaSok fit on a 32oz ninja blender cup? Yes, we have a customer that confirms the ninja blender cup fits the medium or large JavaSok, it depends on your preference on how high you want the sleeve to go.

Will this also fit 30oz insulated stainless steel tumblers like yeti, rtic, ozark, etc.? The JavaSok may be a little too small depending on the brand. Past customers have said they do fit Yeti cups, but it’s an individual preference as to whether you like the feel (fits loosely, just right, or very tightly, etc.).

Will a slurpee fit? Slurpee cups found at 7-11 and other convenience store should have no problem fitting.

Does a 16oz Keurig Over Ice Tumbler fit? Past customers have said it does fit, however if you find that it doesn’t we have an easy 90-day return policy. 

Does this sit well on tables with the rounded edges at the bottom? That is a common fear when first purchasing, however most customers find that if you pull the sleeve up as far as possible so it’s snug at the bottom and “break it in” over time it isn’t an issue. Plus, the weight of the drink keeps it grounded. 

Does it smell? Nope! We’ve sold thousands with no complaints on any sort of smell. However if you do find that it does have a smell, they are hand washable in warm water.

Will this work to keep beverages hot in a ceramic Starbucks 10 oz tapered cup? The cup dimensions are 3.25″ top wide x 4.75″ tall x 2″ bottom wide. It will help to keep the heat in and your hands comfortable. However, our products are made for plastic cold cups so we can’t be 100% sure how they will perform in the situation you describe. If the cup has a handle it surely won’t fit. Beyond that, the measurements seems to be close to our sizing. You are welcome to order it and if it’s not what you’re looking for we have a no questions asked return policy.

Is the logo printed on both sides? Yes, there are two logos, one on each side.

What is your return policy? If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason you may return it for a full refund within 90 days of purchase.

How can I contact you? Please use the Contact Us form, email us at info@javasok.com or visit us at 7 Portland Place, Montclair, NJ  07042